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November 30, 2016

Podcast: The Future of Europe




From waves of migration to Brexit and an ever evolving political landscape, 2016 challenged the very foundation of the European Union. At the beginning of the year, Stratfor forecast European fragmentation as a key trend that would shape global developments. In the latest episode of the Stratfor Talks podcast, Stratfor analysts Adriano Bosoni and Mark Fleming-Williams explore what the future of Europe will look like going forward.


Then in part two of the podcast, Stratfor Vice President of Global Analysis Reva Goujon and Vice President of Strategic Analysis Rodger Baker examine how demographics can help indicate the potential economic success of a nation, highlighting current demographics in Japan as a case study.



Interested in learning more about challenges facing Europe in the year ahead or how a nation's demographics can indicate potential economic success, be sure to read these related pieces of analysis at

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