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March 01, 2017

Stratfor at the 2017 Delphi Economic Forum

blog_delphi_economic_forum_2017.jpgThe Brexit referendum was not the first or only challenge to the eurozone. Despite years of bailouts amid its own economic crisis, the threat of a Greek exit, or Grexit, from the European Union still looms large. Under that cloud, Stratfor Senior Europe Analyst Adriano Bosoni joins other leading thinkers this week to examine the outlook for Greece and the region at the Delphi Economic Forum.

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"Events such as Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the United States are symptoms of a broader trend,” says Bosoni. “Around the world, there is a visible dissatisfaction with the global order. This includes dissatisfaction with globalization and with the ‘establishment’ in the broader sense of the word."

Bosoni will speak as part of a roundtable discussion March 2 on “Power Shifts in a Multipolar World,” examining new realities and trends related to the global economy as he brings recent global developments into valuable perspective. Bosoni will be joined by colleagues from The German Marshall Fund, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and the University of Piraeus along with former leaders within the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Greece and other Mediterranean nations are not the only ones watching these broader trends unfold according to Bosoni. "Political risk will reach Europe's economic and political core in 2017, with elections in France, Germany and possibly Italy. Even if the populists fail to access power in these specific elections, nationalism will continue to influence European politics for years to come."

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