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June 23, 2016

Timeline for Today's Brexit Vote


Today marks a historic day where the Britons will vote in a referendum to determine whether the United Kingdom will remain a member of the European Union.


Stratfor has been monitoring the debate over a British exit ("Brexit") that reflects growing nationalist sentiment throughout Europe and predicts this will lead to ongoing European fragmentation and more challenges to come.


Polls are open now, but when will we know the final results -- and the decision to leave or remain? Here is a timeline of the voting results starting on June 23, 2016:


Source: MarketWatch




In the meantime, read how the “Brexit” referendum is more properly viewed as an outgrowth of Britain’s long-term geopolitical survival strategy -- a carefully thought-out stance that allows it to pivot as needed between the United States and Europe to secure its own strategic interests.


Download this 6-page report to read a geopolitical take on the roots that led to the referendum:




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