Introducing Stratfor Enterprise API

Interpret the significance of today’s global events, cut through the noise, inform decision-making and develop a more accurate view of the future, all within the context of your existing applications and systems.
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Global Events, Perspectives, & Forecasts in Your Workflow

Empower your organization's decision making processes directly within existing workflows with the Stratfor Enterprise API.

A Rich, Powerful, yet
Simple-to-Integrate API

Easily build custom applications within the processes and workflows of your end-users with direct access to the same API that powers Stratfor’s own products.

A Proven Source of
Objective Insight

Stratfor helps leaders make informed decisions by identifying risk and opportunities in a volatile global environment. Give your team a competitive advantage with Stratfor at their fingertips.


Interpret the Significance of Global Events

Get unbiased and actionable geopolitical forecasts and analyses from Stratfor Worldview to make sense of an increasingly chaotic world. Our expert team of analysts utilize Stratfor's proprietary Worldview Intelligence Model™ to deliver timely insight on the day’s most impactful global events, and indispensable foresight on what will happen next.

The Global Threat Environment in your Workstream.

Embed Stratfor Threat Lens™ insight directly into your security or protective intelligence solution with the Stratfor Enterprise API™. Help your corporate security leaders anticipate, identify, measure, and mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to their people, assets, and interests around the world.

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For Enterprises

We've built our API to help you realize the full potential of your enterprise applications by delivering the full body of Stratfor content and insights directly into your company’s workflows and processes. Our living forecasts and analyses empower your company’s decision-makers with a clear understanding of the most important geopolitical trends.

For App Developers

Companies, governments and academic institutions around the world count on Stratfor to understand, explain and predict international shifts in power. By placing global events in context, Stratfor makes it possible for your application’s users to become informed global leaders directly within your product or application workflow.


For Partners

When it comes to providing the latest unbiased and actionable geopolitical analyses, Stratfor analysts and our global network of experts have already done the work to benefit your internal teams or product’s subscribers. Embed, enrich, and augment your solution's existing content with Stratfor’s accurate, real-time insights and analyses.