Stratfor API Support


How can I get credentials?
Please Contact Us to request a trial or update your credentials.
I'm getting errors while using the REST APIs. What do I do?
You can read about REST API errors in the REST API reference. This list can help you anticipate and account for most errors.
Should I pass empty strings for optional values?
If you don't want to pass fields that are optional, your handler should not pass empty strings.
Do you support HTTPS?
Yes, we support (and require) HTTPS.
What data formats do you support?
All our APIs support JSON.
Do you offer a SOAP or XML interface?
No, not at this time. However, our documentation includes code samples in many popular programming languages.
Do you offer a sandbox environment for testing & debugging?
Absolutely! You will find this in your welcome email.
How can I view my API usage?
We return X-RateLimit-* headers with all API calls that return high-level quota summary.
Do you offer example applications?
Yes, see our Example Threat App.