Beyond the Cyber Espionage Threat

A Stratfor Threat Lens Webcast 

Recorded December 6th

As global corporations continue to strengthen their defences against hackers and other cyber espionage operations, they increasingly overlook the human element and more practical industrial espionage threats to their organization.

In this live webcast from Stratfor Threat Lens, Vice President of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart and Chief Security Officer Fred Burton will explain the dangers of forgetting the “espionage” in cyber espionage and how today’s corporate security professionals can mitigate against these risks, including:

  • Insight into common human intelligence operations and tactics
  • How external actors choose individuals to target
  • Identifying points of weakness within your organization
  • Ways CSOs can work with CCOs to protect your company


Stratfor Threat Lens is the only unified solution that integrates the full spectrum of issues facing security leaders, spanning threats against people, infrastructure, intellectual property and business continuity. Our multi-layered analytical framework evaluates both the immediate significance and future implications of evolving trends and situations of interest so clients can anticipate threats and implement protective measures. 

Fred Burton

Fred Burton

Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton is one of the world’s foremost authorities on security and terrorism. Mr. Burton oversees Stratfor’s analysis of global security developments and consults with clients on security-related issues affecting their business assets or personal safety.


Scott Stewart

Vice President of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart leads Stratfor Threat Lens' analysis of terrorism and security issues. Before joining Stratfor, Mr. Stewart served as a special agent with the U.S. Department of State where he was involved in hundreds of terrorism investigations and was responsible for embassy and diplomatic security.