November 18, 2019


Dear Valued Reader,


Effective December 3rd, 2019, Stratfor's content will be available exclusively to Stratfor Worldview subscribers. 


I want to personally thank you for visiting I am very proud of this platform and of the work of the leading geopolitical forecasting analysts in the world. Intelligence matters, especially in today’s tumultuous climate of constantly breaking news. The fact that you are here, investigating Stratfor Worldview, indicates that you are concerned about what is impacting our world, why it matters, and what will happen next. In other words, you - like our subscribers - are seeking and deserve the highest level of global intelligence obtainable.


For more than 20 years, Stratfor has provided predictive insights that allow our subscribers to know not only how global events impact them right now, but the likely outcomes that will develop from these events over time. Such work is intensive and requires investment. Over the past year alone, we made significant investments to expand our on-the-ground data gathering abilities, and grow our analysis assets and human intelligence resources. We also upgraded the Worldview experience giving subscribers more flexibility in managing their intelligence feed, while increasing their ability to interact with compelling graphics, podcasts and videos.


Starting December 3rd, 2019, Worldview content will be available exclusively to Stratfor Worldview subscribers. Any “free” access to this information that may have been accessible to non-subscribers in the past will no longer be available. By becoming a subscriber today; you can continue to benefit from the competitive advantage of Stratfor's geopolitical expertise. I invite you to join the other members of the Stratfor community. We promise to merit the confidence you’re placing in us with your subscription through the quality of our analysis, research and forecasts thereby ensuring Stratfor's Worldview product remains second to none, delivering the highest level of global intelligence obtainable.




Chip Harmon




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