Custom Advisory Services

Stratfor provides strategy sessions, custom reports and open dialogue between client executives and Stratfor analysts that drive critical investments and strategic decisions.


Stratfor's advisory services are focused on helping clients increase revenues, manage risk, and solve specific problems. Engagements feature direct access to Stratfor's analysts, consultants and intelligence network.


Clients leverage Stratfor's global infrastructure to identify emerging opportunities, increase speed to market, and reduce risk in new regions.


Deep Dive Reports

Stratfor offers clients the opportunity to co-sponsor large-scale research projects on topics of specific interest to the region and industry in which they operate. Stratfor also maintains a wide portfolio of existing projects, including, for example,  studies on Chinese coal consumption, water scarcity issues or shifts in low-end manufacturing outsourcing.

Strategic Planning Support

Stratfor core business is proprietary forecasting methodology, refined over 20 years of engagement with corporate and government clients. We maintain and continuously update a quarterly, annual, decade, and twenty-year forecast to identify key trends and geopolitical shift for our clients.

  • Our team of analysts and industry experts works with clients to provide the global context that underlies business strategy and planning. This context is an essential component of the planning process, and allows clients’ strategy teams to build business plans specifically aimed to avoid emerging risks and take advantage of future opportunities.
  • In strategic planning engagements, Stratfor’s geopolitical analysts work directly with our client to support each organization’s requirements and planning process.  Please reach out for a more specific discussion around how Stratfor can support your organization.

Market Assessments

Stratfor helps clients assess international markets and countries in context of market entry, expansion, or M&A opportunities. Our focus is to identify and forecast sources of geopolitical and country risk and opportunity, as it pertains to our client’s industry and strategy. Market assessments are customized specific to the requirements of each client.

  • Country risk assessment: Stratfor helps to identify, assess and forecast sources of potential risk either around a country at large or related to specific assets, operations, opportunities, sectors, or regions. Stratfor’s forecasts have been a valuable component of the business development cycle and due diligence process of multinational companies across all markets.
  • Contextual analysis and entry strategies for new markets: At a deeper level of engagement, Stratfor can help clients manage the information and operational risks associated with expanding to a new market. Stratfor is particularly useful at the early stages of the expansion cycle in opaque frontier markets where our intelligence network can provide the necessary transparency, be it an influence map of key government officials or a deep understanding of shifting national policies or security trends, for companies to make financially and politically sound decisions.