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Get your copy of the latest book from Stratfor's Fred Burton and Samuel Katz, the team behind Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi.

"In these pages, Fred Burton and Samuel Katz ably describe the selfless service and ultimate sacrifice of CIA’s William F. Buckley, murdered brutally while held as a hostage in Lebanon. Beirut Rules can’t bring this quiet hero back to life. But it will show a new generation the value of a life well lived in service of country."
- President George H.W. Bush
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"I didn't think the details of this story could ever be told, but Burton and Katz have done it... and done it beautifully."

-James M. Olson, former chief of CIA counterintelligence


"An intense, incredibly well-written tale of terrorism, treachery and tradecraft. Beirut Rules is an absolute must-read!"

-Brad Thor, New York Times bestselling author of Spymaster


"A sturdy tale of terror and counterterror that speaks to events that are happening even now."

-Kirkus Reviews

Beirut Rules - 41_lores
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