A Stratfor Worldview Webcast

Recorded May 22, 2018 

Whether focused on political science, government studies or international business, cutting edge universities increasingly recognize how integrating the study of applied geopolitics into their coursework gives students a strategic advantage in today’s complex international environment.

In this live webcast, Stratfor senior analysts Rodger Baker and Emily Hawthorne highlight case studies and several strategic applications of geopolitical analysis and forecasting in multidisciplinary, higher education institutions, including:

  • How the study of applied geopolitics expands understanding within other disciplines.
  • The value of geopolitical resources for libraries and student research.
  • Ways professors incorporate Stratfor analysis into their broader coursework.
  • The impact a foundational understanding of geopolitical principles has on academic and professional success.

Universities and other higher education institutions leverage enterprise and library access to Stratfor Worldview to empower students and faculty with independent research on international issues that is grounded in the study of applied geopolitics. Stratfor senior analysts also regularly conduct special seminars and methodology training programs for universities working to give their students an advantage in today’s global marketplace.



Rodger Baker

As Stratfor's senior vice president, Rodger Baker guides the company's analytical process, including the development of international analyst teams to refine their understanding and application of the firm's proprietary methodology grounded in the study of applied geopolitics. Mr. Baker also frequently engages with academic institutions to conduct training and coursework in applied geopolitics.


Emily Hawthorne

Emily Hawthorne is a Middle East and North Africa analyst at Stratfor. She monitors political, business and security developments across the region, with a special focus on North Africa and Gulf Cooperation Council member states.


Ben Sheen

Ben Sheen is Stratfor's Editorial Director and oversees the company's publishing department. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Southampton Solent University and served with the British Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.