The Jihadist Threat in 2017

A Stratfor Threat Lens Annual Forecast Preview

Recorded on January 25, 2017

Launched in September, Threat Lens provides a more security focused perspective based on Stratfor’s broader geopolitical analysis. Designed for security professionals, Threat Lens takes the industry leading insight available on a step further to distill unique insights on how global developments impact security for an organization's assets, personnel and operations around the world.

Threat Lens, your guide to the criminal, militant, espionage and continuity threats posed regionally and globally, is meant to provide our clients’ security departments with guidance on where they should focus their limited resources in order to reduce costs and improve security.

Hear a preview of the Threat Lens 2017 Forecast specific to the threat of Jihadist terrorism in the year ahead.

Watch now to hear:

  • How the al Qaeda pole of the movement made slow steady progress in 2016
  • What the loss of Mosul and other territory in Iraq will mean for the Islamic State pole
  • The global threat posed by grassroots jihadists
  • How will the Islamic State / al Qaeda rivalry play out in 2017 and going forward