The Evolution of Soft Target Venues and Their Risk to Businesses

A Recorded Webcast by Stratfor Threat Lens 

Soft targets are particularly vulnerable location or person with few or no protective security mechanisms and are appealing to terrorists, criminals and the mentally disturbed because attacks against them are comparatively easy to plan and execute.

Attackers and activists are evolving their tactics against business targets to focus more on soft targets including business leaders and their families. Businesses and professionals should take measures to understand their risk level for a soft target attacks in light of this evolution.

In this webcast, vice president of tactical analysis, Scott Stewart, who was featured in Security Management Magazine with an article about soft target attacks at airports, will discuss the evolution and the risks to businesses for the following:

  • Traditional public soft target venues and how they affect businesses
  • Targets inside businesses and on business leaders, their homes and their families
  • Targets on government buildings and their surroundings