A Stratfor Worldview Webcast

Recorded September 7, 2017

For global companies, today’s increasingly complex international environment poses unique challenges when trying to navigate daily political volatility or economic risk. In this webcast, Stratfor Vice President of Strategic Analysis Rodger Baker and IESE Business School Professor of Strategy Mike Rosenberg explain how globally engaged organizations can leverage geopolitical intelligence, analysis and forecasting to focus on what’s truly important right now, seize opportunities and anticipate future developments.


Key topics discussed during the webcast include:

  • The long-term, global trends that led to the current instability.
  • Why geopolitical analysis differs from other forms of business intelligence.
  • How many businesses rely on oversimplified data to make complex decisions.
  • What organizations can do to incorporate these insights into their strategies.

The world isn’t getting any simpler or less complicated. To succeed, business leaders need a clear guiding signal in a sea of noise. Stratfor, the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform brings global events into valuable perspective, empowering businesses to more confidently navigate their way through today’s increasingly complex international environment.