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Intelligence Briefings

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Geopolitical Forecasts

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Latest Global Developments

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“I’m familiar with all the private intelligence services and Stratfor is the best. Stratfor Worldview is how I start my day.”

- James Olson, former Chief of CIA Counterintelligence

“I have subscribed to Stratfor Worldview for more than a decade because I trust the intelligence and enjoy the content. I consider myself a global citizen and I travel often. I rely on Worldview for insightful analysis I cannot get anywhere else.”

- Heidi S., Worldview Subscriber

“Stratfor Worldview covers things that others don’t. I get expert windows into key events and trends. Analytical expertise applied to global happenings. Worldview is indispensable.”

- Mark Dewey, CEO of




We don't tell you what just happened, we tell you what will happen next.

Over 20 Years of Experience

20+ Years of Experience

We tap into a worldwide network of contacts and mine vast amounts of open-source information, which fuels our analyses and forecasting capabilities in more than 175 countries.



Stratfor operates without political agenda or national bias; you can expect a neutral view on global developments. We also provide our subscribers with an ad-free experience.

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